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Past Retail & Business Bazaar Vendors

As you make your way through the Festival grounds take your time to visit our Retail and Business Bazaar & Market Place where our Community Partners have a variety of exciting and unique products that are the perfect way to take this memorable evening home with you. The Retail Bazaar & Market Place host some of the most exciting original arts, spices, jewels and more to add an edge to all your culinary adventures! With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a great way to get a truly special gift for anyone on your list, or find that special touch for the next time you entertain!

LaBella Dentro

Morano Glass Jewelry

LaBella Dentro is a story of elegance, refinement, femininity and a job well done is our vision. Our path started in 2014 with a line of handmade Murano glass Jewelry for those who appreciate art, fashion and tradition. Each glass bead is made from an Italian Murano glass cane and is lampworked piece by piece. Each piece has its own history, a history that is found in every splash of color. Even though, the art of blowing glass is an old tradition and the glass workers are still following their age-old techniques, continuous innovations have led to more stylish and contemporary pieces consistent with trends of today’s world fashions, which we hope to bring to you through our creations. We are very proud to offer new collections from Italy, 100% handcrafted. The “handcrafted” aspect is one of the most important guidelines of LaBella Dentro, as we want to offer our customers a unique quality product that cannot be mass produced. Our new line, BySimon, is well renowned in Italy being in business from the 1970’s and having multiple stores across the country. Inspired by new fashion trends, their designers have a deep passion for beauty, carefully selecting the raw material ensuring the highest standards of performance. The design and Made in Italy hallmark give life to refined and fabulous jewels. BySimon jewels are handmade and the expert goldsmiths are committed to minimize the environmental impact of their activities. GianKarla is an Italian Brand founded in 2008, known for its original and refined jewelry. GianKarla is our newest brand of semi-precious stones, pearls, quartz, hematite’s, onyx, opals, and many other stones. With contemporary design and artisanal craftsmanship, coupled with detail oriented innovation and high quality, and of course handcrafted. GianKarla is forever distinguished in the world of luxury fashion. “Explore the Beauty Within” Andreea Mandreanu-Faur Founder & CEO

Friends and Family Spinal Care

Friends and Family Spinal Care Coral Springs

Friends and Family Spinal Care is a NUCCA Chiropractic Wellness Center in Coral Springs Florida, focused on restoring health through corrective spinal care. Friends and Family is the headquarters of the FAMILY WELLNESS movement in South Florida. We welcome people of all ages with all types of health concerns. We take pride in our office where you will enjoy a fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We are proud to serve families from all of South Florida, including Broward, Dade, Palm Beach County and beyond. NUCCA chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. Chiropractic is about understanding the healing powers of the body. Chiropractic is about learning how to take care of yourself to improve your quality of life and lead the healthiest life possible.


Pacari Chocolate

Pacari Chocolate is a line of premium organic chocolate and is the first single-origin organic chocolate entirely made in Ecuador. We carefully select the finest ingredients and work in small batches in order to bring you an unforgettable chocolate experience. All of the ingredients are 100% organic and produced according to fair and equitable standards. Each of our single-region, raw and specialty chocolate products is crafted to maintain the complex flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. We partner directly with over 3,500 small-scale cacao growers to preserve their traditional way of farming, thereby safeguarding the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador. We undertake a number or sustainability programs for the benefit of the cacao-growing communities with which we work.


Richard Berry

iHummingbird provides in-home service for smart devices. We show you how to setup, navigate and use your devices, as well as organize your digital content. We sell, install and demonstrate hardware that integrates with your smartphones and tablets. These products include thermostats, smoke detectors, lighting control, music and video streaming devices, access control and surveillance cameras. In addition, we sell, install and program handheld universal remote controls to make controlling your media system easy and fun. The best part is you'll be working with a team of trusted technicians that have had a rich history in the world of home electronics. With over 20+ years in custom electronics industry, we know a thing or two about how technology can enhance your lifestyle.

Rhineland Cutlery

Rhineland Cutlery(tm) are forged from high carbon steel. All of our knives are custom engravable for the perfect personalized gift - Corporate gifts, awards, trophies, birthdays anniversaries, weddings or any special event. Beauty and functionality make our knives one of the most coveted knives on the market worldwide.

Rhineland Cutlery 5 Piece Gourmet Set

Storm Tight Windows

Storm Tight Windows, South Florida and The Gulf Coast’s #1 provider of impact resistant windows and impact resistant doors. We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality of impact window and door at the best price with unparalleled customer service!

How do we do this? We manufacture all of own replacement windows and doors so you have the benefit of purchasing your products factory direct. This reduces the need for “middleman” markups which means a better quality product at a better price for you!

We proudly service all of South Florida through Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach.

Energy Efficient Impact Windows and Doors

Our professional engineers have not only designed impact resistant windows and doors that will protect your home from hurricanes and tropical storms, but our products are also designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Your investment will soon pay for itself just from the savings on your monthly FPL bills. Our clients tell us that with their new replacement windows and doors from Storm Tight they are saving as much as much as 40% on their energy bills each month!

Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors – Added Benefits

Your new impact windows and impact doors from Storm Tight Windows go beyond protecting you and your family from the storm. Here are just a few of the added benefits that come from adding hurricane resistant windows and doors to your property:

  • 24-hour Hurricane and Storm Protection
  • 24-hour Protection from Home Invasion
  • Improved Property Values
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Noise Reduction
  • UV Protectio

The Wine Box Creations

Wine Box Creations

At The Wine Box Creations we love wine and we love to share it with others. So here's our question...Why do we continue to share our beloved wine in a lifeless, uninteresting basket? At the Wine Box Creations, we decided to "reinvent" the traditional wine basket and put a digital spin on it! We envisioned a new offering, that really made a connection with the person receiving it, as well as the person creating it. We offer a "wine box" in 3 different sizes, that is fun to design, hip to the consumer, and bold in making a statement. Whether it's a PERSONAL PHOTO or a CORPORATE DESIGN, our Wine Boxes are sure to captivate your audience. You have the power to create a personalized gift that your recipient is sure to love.

Busy Body Fitness Center

Busy Body Fitness is the largest state of the art health club provider with East and West Boca locations with over 100 group classes, over 70 personal trainers ranked and ranks as the #1 health club in south Florida.

East Boca Raton - 141 NW 20th Street Phone - 561.367.3542
West Boca Raton - 9183 Glades Road - 561.477.2723
Palm Beach Gardens - 4430 Northlake Blvd - 561.318.5293

Wine Me Company

Wine Me? is an American hand-painted glassware company. Combining great style and unsurpassed quality, Wine Me? quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trendsetters, and wine-o's nationwide.

The NJ-made brand is sold at wine festivals and art shows nationwide and has also teamed up with celebrity wine club, "Wines by Wives" and is sold on their online shop. Wine Me? has over 12,000 Facebook fans and has sold several thousand glasses in the past two years. Why have the same boring, clear wine glass when you can have a fun, colorful Wine Me? glass? Don't just drink, drink in style.

Akoya Boca Raton

Akoya at Boca West

Akoya at Boca West is the new iconic contemporary sanctuary created by the famed architects of One Thousand Ocean and the Siemens Group, renowned developer of The Polo Club Boca Raton. A place where every conceivable amenity has been designed for the most demanding buyers, including valet and resident services. Set this extraordinary masterpiece in the Nation's #1 Private Residential Country Club, boasting exceptional resort-style living and more than 300,000 square feet of club facilities. This is Akoya, a rare opportunity without precedent for a privileged group of residents who will truly have it all. Prices starting in the $800’s.

Men Paw Hot Sause Flyer

Welcome to Men PA'W My signature Sauce is Men PA'W. It is categorized as a specialty sauce; because it combines heat and flavor of five different types of EXOTIC peppers, along with the pleasant blend of other seasoning spices in order to distribute a sauce packed with lots of flavor, and with heat you would expect from a Habaneras peppers Sauce. When you taste Men PA'W you're in for a treat. Experience this fresh home made hot sauce you can eat with any dishes. Chefs are renowned for their creative combination of spices and hot sauces. This versatile Sauce can compliment the flavor of any dishes, like beef, pork, fish, chicken, soups, and even eggs. Men PA'W Entice you to want more...

Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter South Florida

At Bath Fitter, we are committed to making your bathroom renovation an easy, simple, and enjoyable experience. We want to provide the kind of service that makes people smile – the kind of service that leaves an impression. If you are satisfied with the process and the end result, then we know we've done our job! We are dedicated to providing a quality product, one that is professionally installed by our trained and qualified staff. And we stand behind our product by offering a lifetime warranty for as long as you, the original purchaser, own your home (subject to limitations, see your location for details). Our team includes a group of personable and friendly customer service representatives who are available to field your questions, comments, and concerns. Customer concerns are handled with care. We don’t rest until the issue has been resolved to our customer’s satisfaction.

Lustre Craft

For nearly 100 years, the Lustre Craft® brand has been building a reputation of providing quality products and unsurpassed customer service. Holding the distinction of being the Original Waterless Cookware, Lustre Craft® was developed in West Bend, WI dating back to 1906. Our mission, as an American company marketing American made merchandise, is to provide the health conscious consumer with superior products manufactured under the most stringent quality control and guaranteed for a lifetime.

There are many characteristics of our products that set us apart. Stainless steel cookware is recommended by many food service and health care professionals for its ability to retain important nutrients and a surface that will not “scratch off” or cause illness. Each of our pieces are accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty and are proudly manufactured in America! And, our customer service is second to none! We are proud of the fact that 25, 35, and even 50 years later our customers believe it’s still the best investment they’ve ever made!

Shelf Genie

ShelfGenie ShelfGenie is your source for custom designed, built and installed Glide-Out shelving solutions for any existing cabinet in the home. Our affordable, high impact shelves are designed to provide homeowners with easy access to their belongings in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, garage or anywhere you have a cabinet or a shelf. By improving organization and accessibility, thereby reducing stress, our pull out shelves transform the way you use your home. Our locally owned and operated franchises will design and install your slide out shelves changing how you use the space in your home. Each custom made slide out shelf is designed to address your specific storage and organizational needs. When you want an affordable home improvement that is guaranteed to improve your relationship with your cabinets, you need ShelfGenie. Give us a call at 561.907.7909

Art Design by Routie

Art Design by Routie

Mathnasium Boca Raton David Loveland

Hello. I'm David Loveland, Center Director of Mathnasium of Boca Raton, your neighborhood math-only learning center. We help kids in grades 2 - 12 understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. When math makes sense, kids leap way ahead – whether they started out far behind or already ahead in math. Our formula for teaching kids math, the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way kids learn math for over a decade across 500+ centers in the US and Canada.

Mathnasium of Boca Raton
2240 NW 19th Street Suite 1204 Boca Raton, FL 33431 | 561.447.0077 | Web

Silver Collection

Rona Pronman, president of Silver Collection LLC , began her career in Montreal's fashion industry in 1983, merchandising and selling clothing for Esprit Canada. Her experience led her to open her own boutique selling clothing and accessories. In 2004 after raising her family, she began a wholesale distribution business selling fashion jewelry to small boutiques , salons and gift shops in hotels.

At Silver Collection LLC, we offer our products for all fund raisers and company promotions including private branding . We currently sell in United States and Canada with great success in product sell through and are always developing new styles .We are looking to expand our distribution network and welcome all inquiries. We offer our jewelry on consignment, requiring no initial investment from our clients. This makes Silver Collection a unique and attractive supplier in the retail fashion business and a win-win opportunity for both supplier and customer. Please consult our website at SilverCollectionllc.com to view our products and learn more about our company.

Vita Bakes Bakery

Vita Bakes Bakery strives to be a trend setting healthy bakery and to commercially provide functionally nutritious baked goods that include Traditional, Sugar Alternative and Low/No Gluten items offering 15 vitamins and 0 Trans Fat!! Consumers are demanding more value added products into their diets and this trend has been steadily increasing over the years. Vita Bakes Bakery will meet this need by providing healthy baked goods. Baked goods no longer have to be an empty calorie treat and can be a healthy part of a person’s diet by provide needed vitamins, protein and other nutrients.

My Organic Juice

You may think that My Organic Juice is "just another juice place", but we are so much more!

My Organic Juice was not conceived for the sole purpose of making money and building an empire. In actuality, MOJ was born from a personal venture to cure the (now) company President of her cancer and autoimmune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, hypothyroidism and ulcerative colitis. After cold-pressing her way back to health, Karolyn opened her eyes to the power of organic, fresh, nutrient-rich, cold-pressed organic juices!

Melinda Gallop Artist Boca Raton

Wine Souvenirs

I have lived in Palm Beach County for 29 years. I am a full-time Dental Hygienist, who loves food and wine, being inspired to my regular trips to wine country in Spain. I enjoy creating jewelry for women who enjoy drinking wine like I do. All my jewelry are hand made by myself using only the best materials.

Wine Souvenirs Jewlery Wine Souvenirs Collectibles Wine Souvenirs Necklace

Oceans Allure

Oceans Allure NecklessGrowing up in Virginia, riding horses since she was 4 yrs. old, assured that Monique Comfort would always love the great outdoors. When her father started taking her to the Chesapeake Bay to fish she developed a passion for water. Summers visiting her Grandmother in Palm Beach, spending time fishing, diving and all things ocean, fueled the fire even more.

After graduating University of Miami with an MBA in Finance she moved to Juno Beach, FL. Her obsession with the ocean led her to free diving and underwater photography. She began designing jewelry as an escape from the hectic pace of the corporate world.

Although it began as an accidental love, her undeniable passion for jewelry design and all things ocean led her to pursue it professionally.

She began with a line of handmade sterling silver, ocean-inspired pendants and quickly expanded into working with semi-precious stones and other metals. She now has a line of ocean-inspired art, accessories and home décor. To date, she has never regretted leaving her MBA and the corporate world behind to devote all of her time to her true passion, all things ocean. Visit Oceans Allure for more information.

Bazik Gourmandises Ole Bijoux

Ole Bijoux Neekless Olé Bijoux is the essence of our heritage and culture, with a Carribean influence.

Inspire & cultivate creativity

We use paper, fabrics, wood, clay, raw, organic, vintage and upcycled materials, just to name a few... Our pieces are bold, fresh, vibrant, funky, colorful, free-spirited, and versatile while embracing every taste with an element of surprise.

2020 Silent Auction Participants

Refresh Glass

Refresh Glass Package

At Refresh Glass actively partners with the community to divert thousands of wine bottles every week that would have otherwise been thrown away, working towards our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission. After they are collected we transform the bottles into fun and functional glassware and decor pieces such as planters, candle holders, and vases. We also can custom print and etch for corporate and gifts. We look forward to making your favorite glass to reach for and drink from everyday at home. Our current bottle count is 700,000 + rescued (updated counter on our website at refreshglass.com. Some of the names we have worked with include; Wolfgang Puck, Hyatt, 4 Seasons, Sheraton, Marriott, Kimpton, Ritz Carlton, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Whole Foods and others. We believe in Conscious Capitalism and offering multifaceted solutions that both generate revenue and community benefit at the same time.